is it Safe to Eat Plums During Pregnancy? 13 Benefits & Risks

plums during pregnancy
plums during pregnancy

Fruits and their unique benefits are needed for all age groups. Due to the presence of minerals and vitamins in fruits, this group must be included in the daily diet of people, that is why we cannot deny the use of fruit in health. One of the most delicious fruits that has many benefits is plum, which will be known more about its wonderful properties.

Plums at a glance

Plums are suitable for every person. This fruit is a heavenly taste that contains minerals and nutrients, including potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A, etc.

plums nutrition
Carbohydrate7 g3%
Fiber1 g3%
Protein0.45 g1%
Iron0.10 mg1%
Potassium100 mg2%
Magnesium4.60 mg1%
Manganese0.030 mg1%
Phosphorus10.50 mg2%
Copper0.040 mg4%
Zinc0.07 mg1%
Niacin0.270 mg2%
Pantothenic acid0.090 mg2%
Riboflavin0.0175 mg1%
Thiamine0.0183 mg2%
Vitamin A227.70 IU5%
Vitamin C6.31 mg7%
Vitamin B60.020 mg1%
Vitamin E0.172 mg1%
Vitamin K4.21 mcg4%

Can you eat plums during pregnancy?

Plum is a completely safe fruit for a pregnant woman and very useful for both the mother and the fetus, which will be fully reviewed below.

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Benefits of Eating Plums During Pregnancy

1. Premature birth prevention

Premature birth is very worrying for pregnant women, consumption of plums helps to prevent this problem. The magnesium element in plums is very effective in relaxing the muscles and as a result prevents contractions. It brings and prevents premature birth and stillbirth.

2. Prevention of constipation and hemorrhoids

During pregnancy, almost everything in a woman’s body changes, and one of these hundreds of things are hormones that affect the mother’s digestive system and cause problems such as constipation, bloating, and hemorrhoids. It is a source of fiber that is very useful and improves bowel function.

3. Improving bone health

plums are rich in vitamin K, vitamin D and calcium. Vitamin K together with calcium and vitamin D keep bones strong. The growth of the child’s skeletal structure depends on the use of foods rich in calcium.

4. Struggle with stress and fatigue

during pregnancy, a pregnant person sometimes feels dull, this feeling is very annoying, but it is not without a solution, and one of the best solutions is to use plums during this period, because of the presence Potassium and antioxidant work effectively.

5. Plums contain vitamin K

which prevents blood clotting.

6. Increasing the efficiency of the body’s immune system

Aloe contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is also very effective in strengthening the body’s immune system and prevents the pregnant mother from contracting diseases such as colds and flu.

7. Having a low glycemic index

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases during pregnancy, which is of course very worrying. Pregnant women should be careful about their diet and use foods with a low glycemic index, and plums are one of the best choices in this regard.

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8. Plum balances blood pressure

Pre-eclampsia or blood pressure is very dangerous for pregnant women. Plum has a lot of potassium and fiber, which prevents pre-eclampsia.

9. Prevention of heart complications

plums do not have saturated fat and can reduce the risk of heart attack and prevent heart problems.

10.Fighting cancer

There are pigments called anthocyanins in plums, which are very useful in fighting cancer. It is very important to protect the mother and fetus against cancer during pregnancy.

11. Strengthening memory

Antioxidants present in plums destroy damaged cells and thus help to strengthen memory.

12. Plums are the enemy of anemia

Plums are not blood-forming by themselves, but due to the presence of vitamin C in the form of absorption of iron in the digestive organs, this vitamin fights anemia.

13. low calorie

Plum has very few calories and is suitable for pregnant women, and its consumption does not lead to excess weight, as plum calories are easily burned with a few minutes of exercise.

Risks of Eating plums during pregnancy

Plums have wonderful properties that no one can deny, but in some cases, you should be careful because it can cause side effects for some people.

  1. Plums contain oxalate, so if someone has a history of kidney diseases, they should not consume this fruit, because if these people eat plums, the symptoms related to kidney diseases will appear again.
  2. The amount of calories in plums is zero, but a pregnant woman needs calories during this sensitive period because she has to gain weight and the fetus grows, and plums cannot meet this need for calories.
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Is it permissible to Eating plums during pregnancy?

Yes, you can use all kinds of plums, including dried plums, pickled plums, etc, without anxiety, but of course, in some cases, you have to check and make sure of some issues, then use it, for example, about pickled plums, you must have information about whether Get the plums pickled in alcohol or not because alcohol is harmful to pregnancy.


Consuming fruits and vegetables during pregnancy is not only safe but also necessary, but considering the special conditions of the individual during this sensitive time, if you have any medical concerns or problems, you should consult your doctor before consuming anything, even plums. This case should not only be about Food may appear unhealthy, but a pregnant woman must ensure the health and strengthening of her diet.

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