Can You Eat Black Pudding During Pregnancy? is it safe?

black pudding during pregnancy
black pudding during pregnancy

Black Pudding at a Glance

  • The oldest type of sausage
  • Boiled sausage
  • Cooked from the blood of the pig’s bacon, skin, and pork
  • No harmful bacteria

Eating Black Pudding During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the immune system becomes weakened and is more at risk for bacteria and viruses, so it is recommended to avoid eating some foods, especially food and raw meat. Cooked sausages and sausages and meat products can be used by pregnant women.

Black pudding is heated at high temperatures during production and all dangerous bacteria disappear, so eating black pudding for pregnant women is without problems.

Important: Black pudding contains large amounts of fat, so pregnant women should avoid excessive eating.

The benefits of black pudding for pregnant women


Pregnant women need protein to help build and repair their tissues, and the growth of the fetus. A pregnant woman needs 75 to 100 grams of protein daily, which provides 100 grams of black pudding 9 grams of protein.

High calories

Approximately every 100 grams of black pudding contains 277 calories, which can lead to excessive weight gain during pregnancy.


Iron in black pudding helps prevent iron deficiency anemia; Iron is an essential element for carrying oxygen to the placenta and the fetus, which makes the brain and the nervous system better. Women need more iron during pregnancy. Every 100 grams of black pudding contains 30 mg of iron that can meet the daily needs of pregnant women for iron, although consuming this amount of sausage is not recommended during the day.

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Preparing a Healthy Black Pudding

When purchasing a black pudding, be sure to note that puddings at a very cheap price can be accompanied by pesticideschemicals and antibiotics, so it is best to make an organic black pudding from a butcher or farm.

Is it permissible to use white pudding during pregnancy?

White pudding is like black pudding but does not contain blood, so it has less iron. This type of pudding is made with pork fat and oatmeal. This pudding is also safe for pregnancy, but be careful to be well cooked and eaten in moderation.


Black pudding or red sausage is made of blood and pork that contain a lot of protein, iron and calories that can meet the needs of Bardra women for these resources, but it should be noted that the black pudding is well cooked to free from It should be any type of bacterium. It is also best to consume moderation due to the high calorie calorie of black pudding to prevent increased fat and overweight during pregnancy.

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