Can I Eat popcorn While Pregnant? is it safe?

popcorn during pregnancy
popcorn during pregnancy

Most people think that they should avoid many of their favorite foods and cravings due to sensitivity during pregnancy. But such a notion is not correct. For example, one of the cravings that are seen in abundance during pregnancy is popcorn, which can be used as a healthy snack.

Popcorn At a glance

Popcorn is one of the most popular foods of most age groups, which is served in different flavors. How to serve it is based on people’s tastes. Plain popcorn has low calories and a lot of fiber and is rich in nutrients, minerals, selenium, and zinc. In the following, you will get to know the types of popcorn, its benefits, and its harms.

Is popcorn allowed during pregnancy?

It is safe to eat popcorn during pregnancy because it is rich in nutrients and minerals, including zinc, selenium, fiber, and protein. Corn can also be used in powder form, and if used alone, it is a healthy cereal with low calories and fat.

Are there any benefits to eating popcorn during pregnancy?

Popcorn in itself is not harmful, even though it is an extraordinary source of useful elements and materials for a person, but in the consumption of popcorn, the seasonings and flavors that are added are very important. Sugar, salt, fat, flavorings, artificial colors, and other additives are harmful. If you make popcorn at home, it is better to use a very small amount of olive oil and salt, otherwise, factory-packaged popcorn should be consumed in moderation.

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Is there any harm in eating microwave popcorn?

Microwave popcorn refers to those types of popcorn that are sold in stores. In the preparation of the bags of this kind of popcorn, a kind of chemical substance is used, which prevents the penetration of the ingredients and their butter outside the bag. If these bags are exposed to heat, these chemicals will break down and penetrate into the popcorn, and with their continuous consumption, people are at risk of contracting cancer and some other diseases. Later, the use of these chemicals in the production of popcorn packages was banned and they were replaced with healthier materials that passed some safety tests. Diacetyl is one of the compounds that give the buttery taste of popcorn, and when popcorn is exposed to heat, diacetyl evaporates and causes lung diseases. Despite all the points mentioned, consuming one or two packets of microwave popcorn will not cause any problems, but consuming homemade varieties is healthier and more useful.

Is it permissible to eat microwaved foods during pregnancy?

If you put the food you cook in the microwave in glass and ceramic containers and then put it in the microwave, there is no danger, but if the container used is plastic, their chemicals will leak into the food and cause dangerous side effects.

Is it not harmful to eat popcorn shrimp during pregnancy?

Popcorn shrimp contain relatively high amounts of fat, so if the shrimp are cooked properly, they are rarely safe to eat.

Is eating cinema popcorn not harmful for pregnant women?

Popcorn available in cinemas does not contain any harmful substances, but it is still better to avoid consuming them during pregnancy because they contain large amounts of calories, fat, and salt. In addition, the amount that is sold for one meal in the cinema is large because it is served for the duration of a movie. Of course, there are types of popcorn without salt and fat with small amounts suitable for children that you can order. Popcorn contains butter, saturated fat, and calories are high, so you have to be extremely careful in the cinema and theater environment because usually you don’t notice how much you eat while watching a movie.

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Is it permissible to eat popcorn kernels that are burnt or uncooked and expired during pregnancy?

Past date popcorns should not be consumed, but those that are burnt or uncooked are not dangerous, but they are harmful to the teeth due to their excessive hardness.

Tips about popcorn consumption during pregnancy

  1. Usually, the popcorns that are sold in cinemas are great in terms of taste, but to maintain health, it is better to use popcorn with few and simple additives, for example, low in fat and salt.
  2. Popcorns are useful snacks, however, dry fruits, nuts, smoothies, and dark chocolate can be used instead of popcorn.
  3. If you want to eat popcorn, it is better to eat it as healthily as possible, for example, you can eat popcorn with less harmful additives such as salt and butter, or eat popcorn that is prepared without a microwave. In any case, popcorn should remain as a snack, because if you eat too much of it, it will satisfy your hunger and you will avoid eating many other beneficial substances.

The benefits of eating popcorn during pregnancy

1. Strengthening the growth of the baby:

Popcorn is rich in protein, which satisfies the body’s need for essential amino acids for the growth of the baby from the second trimester of pregnancy.

2. Prevention of weight gain:

Popcorn has low calories and a lot of fiber, which does not increase weight and reduces the risk of gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, and miscarriage.

What are the appropriate and inappropriate types of popcorn?

The best and most suitable types of popcorn are the ones that are made at home because they are usually put in paper bags after production and use a small amount of oil and salt. Among the most inappropriate popcorns, we can mention the ones that are prepared in the microwave or sold in cinemas because they mainly contain large amounts of sugar, fat, and salt, such as kettle corn, caramel corn, etc.

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What are healthy and safe additives for popcorn?

If you prepare popcorn at home, instead of butter fat, caramel, and other harmful additives, you can use small amounts of olive oil, salt, dried vegetables, grated cheese, nutritional yeasts that contain vitamin B and folic acid, cinnamon powder, pumpkin spice, Maple syrup, honey, cashews and powdered almonds and a combination of powdered sugar and vanilla

Is eating popcorn effective in eliminating morning sickness?

Usually, healthy, low-salt snacks, especially popcorn, are effective in relieving nausea, especially if they are prepared at home.

Is popcorn allowed for people with gestational diabetes?

Although plain popcorns are low in calories and high in fiber, it should be consumed in moderation due to the carbohydrates they contain. Popcorns that are produced industrially or sold in cinemas have a lot of sugar and are not suitable for diabetics.


Popcorns are healthy and useful snacks, rich in nutrients and minerals, which will have many benefits for pregnant women during this period. Popcorn consumption during pregnancy provides essential substances for the growth of the baby. Homemade popcorns are much healthier than microwave and movie theater varieties.

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