Non Alcoholic Wines during pregnancy
Non Alcoholic Wines during pregnancy

It is important to know that alcohol-free wine is not alcohol-free and may contain 0.5% alcohol, but this amount is so low that it is considered safe during pregnancy.

White and red wine without alcohol are also wines that are made by removing the alcohol from the finished wine. In the past, the process of removing alcohol was created at a high temperature, which caused the wine’s aroma to disappear, but today, a method such as a vacuum distillation, which takes place at low temperatures, is a new method for producing a non-alcoholic product.

Can I Eat Non-alcoholic Wine During Pregnancy?

It has been proven that even a glass of wine with very low amounts of alcohol can endanger the health of the fetus, but if non-alcoholic wine is used occasionally, it will be fine. Non-alcoholic wines contain residual amounts of alcohol, which are so small that they will not harm the child, but if a large number of glasses are consumed, then the amount of alcohol consumed will also increase.

But other drinks may also contain amounts of alcohol, such as 3 liters of apple juice, which has 3 grams of alcohol.

Pregnant women should note that non-alcoholic wine contains a lot of sugar. Non-alcoholic wine contains much more sugar than regular wine, so if you have diabetes and are overweight, it is better to Avoid drinking non-alcoholic wine.

Is there alcohol-free wine during pregnancy?

Some wine producers produce alcohol-free wines that are called alcohol-free and contain 0% alcohol, but these drinks still contain a lot of sugar.

Use of non-alcoholic wine in cooking during pregnancy

The use of non-alcoholic wine in cooking during pregnancy is without obstacles because the temperature above 80 °C also destroys the amount of remaining alcohol and the alcohol evaporates. You can even use regular wine, provided that the food is fully heated.

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Dangers of alcohol in pregnancy

When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, this alcohol passes through the umbilical cord and enters the fetus’s blood, and the baby’s small body needs a lot of time to break down this alcohol, and the child may suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome or the child may have a disorder. In growth, such as short stature or abnormalities in the face.

Gynecologists believe that even occasional alcohol consumption can damage the brain and nervous system of the fetus and cause disturbances in the child’s concentration, understanding, and learning. Even many experts advise women who plan to become pregnant to stop drinking alcohol before pregnancy.

Pregnant men should be careful in choosing the type of drink

When choosing a drink, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the fact that its alcohol content is not more than 0.5% and choose wine or a drink that is labeled non-alcoholic. Some manufacturers state the exact amount of alcohol on the drinks, for example, they may declare absolute alcohol-free or 0%.

It should be noted that even non-alcoholic drinks such as beer or malt contain alcohol, or if fruit juice is made from very ripe fruits or fermented, it will contain alcohol.


It is never completely possible to prevent the consumption of low amounts of alcohol in foods and drinks, and drinking wines or non-alcoholic beers during pregnancy can be without risk, but it is important to note that the amount of these drinks should not be It should be more than usual and it should be kept in mind that the consumption of wine or ordinary beer that contains large amounts of alcohol (5% in beer, 11% in wine and sparkling wine) should be avoided during pregnancy because it is very dangerous for the baby.

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