Can I Eat Spicy Foods While Pregnant? is it safe ?

spicy food during pregnancy
spicy food during pregnancy

Pregnant women have different cravings, some of them crave sweet foods such as chocolates or soft drinks, another group of them craves sour foods such as picklescandies, and sour fruits, and another group craves spicy foods. such as peppers and spicy sauces and curry spices, but the question always arises for those who are interested in spicy foods, can they eat spicy foods?

In this article, we are going to examine eating spicy foods during pregnancy.

Is it permissible to eat spicy foods during pregnancy?

If you are one of those people who like to eat spicy food during pregnancy, the good news for you is that you can eat spicy food, but there are two important conditions, first, you should not eat a lot of it. Second, you should eat spicy foods along with vegetables to keep your diet healthy. Hormonal changes in pregnant women make them crave spicy foods at times, so if you crave these foods, don’t forget the above two conditions.

Consumption of spicy foods and their effect on the fetus

One of the effects that eating spicy foods has on the fetus is increasing the variety of foods that your child will eat in the future. Studies have proven that ammonia liquid transmits the taste of foods that the mother consumes during pregnancy, so it can be said that eating spicy foods They will make your child interested in various foods in the future because he will get different flavors through ammonia liquid.

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Eating spicy food and its effect on the mother

Considering that during pregnancy, women undergo hormonal changes and the fetus puts pressure on the mother’s stomach, usually, pregnant women suffer from heartburn and indigestion, so if you have these problems, avoid eating spicy foods for a while because eating Spicy foods increase these problems.

Does eating spicy foods harm the baby?

One of the concerns of pregnant women is whether the food they eat has a bad effect on the child, and there is also the question of spicy food, whether it will harm the fetus if we eat spicy food during pregnancy. Scientists have shown that eating spicy food does not harm the baby, and you can eat it without worry, you just need to be careful not to eat too much.

Does eating spicy food cause premature birth?

One of the common misconceptions that exist among people is whether eating spicy food causes them to have premature birth, if none of the scientific research shows this, the only effect of eating spicy food is that it makes the child You will have a better sense of taste and after he starts eating food, he will enjoy the taste of food more, in fact, spicy foods will make the child’s sense of taste develop better.

Does the craving for spicy food indicate the child’s gender?

One of the superstitions that exist among people is that the mother’s food cravings indicate the child’s gender, which scientific research completely rejects.

What is the reason for the craving to eat spicy food in pregnant women?

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The most important reason why some women have a desire to eat spicy foods during pregnancy is hormonal changes that increase the desire to eat hot and spicy foods.

How much spicy food can we eat during pregnancy?

Eating a lot of spicy food during pregnancy can cause problems for the mother such as :

  • nausea
  • constipation
  • stomach problems
  • indigestion
  • heartburn

If you are not used to eating a lot of spicy foods before pregnancy, then if you feel like eating these foods during pregnancy, do not eat a lot of them, to begin with, because your body may not react well, so it is better to eat these foods.

An important point about diet during pregnancy

Pregnancy is very difficult for women, so they should maintain a balance in the consumption of any kind of food, which should also be observed in the case of spicy foods, the consumption of food in moderation will lead to better delivery and a hassle-free pregnancy. 

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