Salt During Pregnancy: is it harmful to consume?

salt during pregnancy
salt during pregnancy

One of the substances in human life is a white crystal called salt, the consumption of salt during pregnancy is several times the normal time because one of them is very important in the development of the fetus.

Is it permissible to eat salt during pregnancy?

Salt is an inseparable part of any food because food without salt has no special taste. But the question is, shouldn’t women eat salt during pregnancy?

No, salt should be consumed during pregnancy, but it should be consumed, nutrition associations recommend a daily intake of 5 grams, but if they have problems before the pregnancy period. If you have high blood pressure, you must be careful with your doctor’s use of salt, but if you do not have high blood pressure, you can consume salt, and if you consume enough salt, it will prevent low blood pressure and dizziness.

Are salt and sodium different?

The ingredients of salt are two elements called sodium and chloride. If you buy food from the store and only the amount of sodium is written on it, just multiply the amount of sodium mentioned in the number by 2.5, to find out how salty it is. 

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Can pregnant women consume iodized salt during pregnancy?

If women do not consume enough iodine before pregnancy and during pregnancy, they should eat iodized salt, because it promotes fetal brain development.

What problems does excessive salt consumption cause in pregnant women?

Always remember that salt is essential in your diet, but excessive consumption is very dangerous, the first thing that affects high salt consumption, is to note that all processed foods have a large amount, You should pay attention to it. You also get salt indirectly, so limit your salt intake to avoid heart attack and stroke.

Reducing salt intake in pregnant women

If you are one of the people who are used to eating a lot of salt in the foods that you use the most, we must say that In less than a month, you can reduce the amount of salt you consume by reducing your sense of taste to low-salt foods. And easily eat low-salt food without feeling uncomfortable or tasteless.

Simple ways to consume less salt

  1. Use unsalted and raw nuts
  2. When eating canned food, avoid adding salt to it because they eat enough salt
  3. When buying food products from stores, check the amount of salt and add a small amount of salt to it
  4. Try to limit your cheese intake, as cheese is high in salt

How to use less salt when cooking?

  • When cooking, be sure to taste the food before adding salt to it, and if you need salt, add it then.
  • Use spicespeppers, and fresh lemon juice instead of salt to flavor the food.
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What kind of salt can pregnant women consume?

Considering that for the development of the brainnervous system, and thyroid gland of the fetus, The only salt you should consume during pregnancy is iodized salt, but the point is Your iodine intake during pregnancy should not exceed more than 1 milligram, and Taking too much of it will harm your body and your child

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