Flamin Hot Cheetos During pregnancy: Risks & Side Effects

cheetos during pregnancy
cheetos during pregnancy

Snacks and Cheetos are popular foods of different age groups, which, in addition to the natural ingredients used in their production, contain additives including preservatives, flavorings, and unnatural colors. In the following, you will learn more about the materials used in production and their risks.

Cheetos at a glance

Some snacks and Cheetos have a spicy taste that people are worried about when consuming them. Cheetos are rich in fat, calories, and sodium, the amounts of these substances are more balanced in the production of crackers, and they are processed foods that contain citric acid. As mentioned above, additives and preservatives are added to Cheetos, which are very unhealthy.

Some flavoring materials will cause cancer because they contain chemicals. Also, unnatural food colors that are added to some foods, including Cheetos, are harmful to children, and their use has been banned in some countries. MSG is also a type of flavoring that creates a salty aftertaste, but it still causes side effects.

Is it safe to eat Cheetos during pregnancy?

Eating Cheetos Flamin during pregnancy is not prohibited, but because it has a large number of calories, fat, and sodium, you should not overdo it. Few people can easily stop eating Cheetos and usually eat until the last piece, so it is better to divide each package into several portions and keep them in separate containers. Although eating some chips or Cheetos can’t pose any serious risk to the mother and the baby, if you’re still worried, you can use wheat crackers or crunchy vegetables.

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Why do some people want to eat Cheetos?

Sometimes, the strong desire to consume certain foods becomes very strong in a short period of time, one of these cases is during pregnancy. At the beginning of pregnancy, the desire to consume certain foods begins and becomes more intense in the second trimester, the main cause of which has not yet been determined. But it is said that women during pregnancy have a desire to eat spicy food due to their warm nature because it will cause the body temperature of the pregnant woman to sweat.

Among the main reasons that justify pregnant women’s tendencies towards certain foods and most researchers agree on them, the following can be mentioned:

1. Hormones:

Hormones can be effective factors in changing people’s tastes. Changing the way they function or increasing and decreasing the amount of their secretion can cause a desire for a food item or aversion to it, which these changes are very obvious, the nausea of pregnant women also occurs as a result of these changes.

2. Low levels of some nutrients in the body:

There is no scientific reason to prove this statement, but sometimes the desire to consume food is created due to the lack of certain elements and compounds in the body, and these preferences sometimes lead to weight gain.

3. Psychological and nervous causes:

Cravings are usually psychological or cultural in origin. The common resistance of families against the insistence of children to eat some foods such as chips and Cheetos has made this craving always remain in the corner of our minds and we almost always enjoy eating it.

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Cheetos ingredients

  1. Cheetos made from corn is rich in all kinds of seasonings, vegetable oils and cheddar cheese powder.
  2. Cheetos Flamin contains monosodium glutamate or MSG, which is not harmful for pregnant women.
  3. Cheddar cheese, whose powder is used as a flavoring in making Cheetos, is prepared from milk, salt, some enzymes and sodium, which is not dangerous for pregnancy despite being processed.
  4. Unnatural food colors used in making Cheetos will not cause any harm unless they are allergens if they are approved by reputable food hygiene centers.

Complications and risks of Eating Cheetos during pregnancy

1. Heartburn and indigestion:

Consuming spicy foods during pregnancy causes heartburn. The fetus puts a lot of pressure on the mother’s abdomen and reduces the pressure on the sphincters, resulting in increased acid reflux.

2. Worsening of nausea:

Eating spicy foods and foods stimulates stomach acid and causes heartburn and nausea. Also, the use of hot foods in the first trimester of pregnancy aggravates nausea.

3. Abdominal pain and diarrhea:

Consuming spicy foods during pregnancy causes disturbances in the functioning of the digestive system, especially the stomach, and diarrhea is one of the complications of these disorders. One of the risks that threatens a pregnant woman in case of diarrhea during pregnancy is lack of body water. So, if you eat spicy food, drink plenty of fluids. If you eat spicy food for the first time, it is better to use milder foods so that your body gets used to it.

4. Redness of stool:

Excessive consumption of cheetos will change the color of your stool due to the colors added to them.

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Cheetos and snacks are the favorite spicy foods of all age groups. These foods are rich in fat, calories, sodium, flavorings, artificial colors, and other additives that are harmful to health. Eating these snacks in moderation does not cause any danger, but if excessive, it will have negative effects on the health of people, especially pregnant women.

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