Can You Eat Oregano During Pregnancy ?

oregano during pregnancy
oregano during pregnancy

Oregano is a traditional spice of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with a spicy taste with sour and delicate notes in food, as well as a medicinal plant for the digestive system with antibacterial properties (natural antibiotic). A spoonful of oregano has about 1/2 gram of fiber, but still, it can help digestion. Oregano also has anti-inflammatory effects.

Consumption of oregano during pregnancy

Consuming oregano in small amounts during pregnancy is harmless and it is better not to use tea made with oregano leaves or its oil, but the amounts used as a seasoning in sauces or salads and food are completely safe.

Can consuming oregano be dangerous for pregnant women?

It is better to avoid food supplements of this plant, such as oregano oil, because the high concentration of oregano can cause uterine irritation and abortion.

Ways to use oregano

Oregano is available all year round and can be stored as dried or fresh oregano in the freezer. Oregano can be used in saladssaucesspicespizza, and pasta.


Oregano is a spice with a very popular and desirable taste that can satisfy cravings during pregnancy. In addition to its unique taste, this plant also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Naturally, consumption of oregano in moderation is safe for pregnant women, but consumption in high concentrations such as oregano oil or oregano tea can cause uterine irritation and as a resulting miscarriage or premature birth.

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