Is Non-Alcoholic BEER Allowed During Pregnancy ?

Non-Alcoholic BEER During Pregnancy
Non-Alcoholic BEER During Pregnancy

The ingredients of alcohol-free beer are the same as regular beer and have a similar taste, but they are not completely alcohol-free and can contain up to 0.5% alcohol, and the term alcohol-free is not correct.

Non-alcoholic beer contains 0% alcohol, so it seems to be more suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, it may say on the label of the beer bottle that it has no alcohol and it may contain 0.5% alcohol.

Alcohol-Free Beer Consumption During Pregnancy

In the first two weeks after conception, alcohol consumption has no effect on the health of the fetus because either alcohol does not damage the egg and the egg is implanted, or it is damaged and the egg is not implanted and pregnancy does not occur. If she is not pregnant and has consumed alcohol, there is no need to worry and she should avoid drinking alcohol from then on.

If a pregnant woman drinks alcohol-free beer (with 0.5% alcohol) every now and then, there will be no danger to them and their child because it decomposes quickly, but it is better to do a test from the very beginning to ensure the health of the mother and the child. Use beer with 0% alcohol during pregnancy.

Nutritionists believe that it is better not to overdo alcohol-free beer during pregnancy, and it should not be consumed daily.

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Can drinking alcohol-free beer during pregnancy be beneficial?

This drink contains many vitamins and minerals such as potassiummagnesium, and vitamin B, and has an isotonic effect, which means that it can quickly compensate for the water lost in the body due to sweating or exercise. Therefore, pregnant women can use beer, especially in the hot seasons

Alcohol-free Beer Consumption During Breastfeeding

Beer contains barley, which stimulates the prolactin hormone and increases lactation, and the best drink is non-alcoholic wheat or malt beer.

Nursing mothers should be aware that alcohol directly enters breast milk, and studies have shown that babies do not like the smell of alcohol, and this causes less breastfeeding.

Dangers of Alcohol During Pregnancy

In general, doctors believe that every sip of alcohol can be dangerous for a child’s physical health, such as facial abnormalitiesheight and weight, and mental health, such as comprehension, concentration, or language development.

Suitable substitutes for non-alcoholic beer

It is very important to pay attention to the balance of fluids during pregnancy, which can be provided through fruit and herbal teasjuiceslemonadeiced tea with mint, and alcohol-free cocktails.

Foods that Contain Alcohol

Many of the substances that we consume daily can contain amounts of alcohol, for example, apple and grape juice can contain up to 1% alcohol. Yogurtbread and yeast products, and sauerkraut also contain some amount of alcohol, but in general, if the alcohol content of the food or drink is less than 1.2%, it does not need to be declared, and there is no concern about their consumption by pregnant women and completely safe.

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During pregnancy, you should avoid drinking alcohol because alcohol will pass through the placenta and pose a risk to the fetus, but consuming non-alcoholic beer in moderation will not pose a risk to the child.

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