Is It Safe to Eat GRAPEFRUIT During Pregnancy?

GRAPEFRUIT During Pregnancy
GRAPEFRUIT During Pregnancy

Grapefruit is a combination between orange and pomelo. This fruit grows mainly in the Caribbean islands and South America. This fruit has a bitter and sweet taste. Grapefruit contains vitamins and minerals. Grapefruit has a low glycemic index.

  • Grapefruit contains high amounts of vitamin Cvitamin Avitamin B1vitamin B2, and vitamin B6. Also, this fruit is rich in folic acid and various minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and phosphate.
  • The bitter substance in grapefruit called naringenin affects proteins in the body causing the liver to preferentially break down fatty acids and causing fat burning in the body.
  • Grapefruit contains the pigment lycopene, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Eating Grapefruit During Pregnancy

  • The consumption of this fruit is common among pregnant women because the smell of this fruit and the bitter substances that are present in it can help to treat morning sickness in pregnant women, however, due to the acidity of this fruit and the stimulation of stomach acid, it is better in the stage of pregnancy. Second, barberry should not be consumed in the morning because it can cause heartburn, and if a pregnant woman is prone to stomach ulcers or duodenum, kidney and liver diseases, and low blood pressure, it is better to be careful in eating this fruit.
  • Grapefruit also stimulates appetite. Folic acid in grapefruit helps the growth of the fetus. Also, the presence of iron can help mothers with iron deficiency anemia to some extent.
  • Vitamin C in grapefruit has a good effect on the immune system.
  • It is suitable to consume this fruit 3 to 4 times a day.
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Eating Grapefruit in Gestational Diabetes

Due to its low glycemic index, grapefruit is safe for expectant mothers who have gestational diabetes. Foods and fruits that have a low glycemic index are digested later and sugar slowly enters the bloodstream, thus keeping the blood sugar level balanced.

Who Should not Consume Grapefruit During Pregnancy?

  1. It is important to know that the consumption of grapefruit is prohibited for both pregnant and non-pregnant people who are prescribed medicine. Therefore, pregnant women who take medications should not use grapefruit.
  2. Because this fruit contains naringenin (secondary plant material) that can inhibit the liver enzyme, and because of this, the active ingredients of the drug are no longer absorbed and metabolized from the intestine. Grapefruit can inhibit the absorption of the drug for at least 24 hours or several days, so it can cause the accumulation of the active ingredients of the drug in the body and bring it to dangerous levels.
  3. This fruit can interfere with the absorption and metabolism of blood pressure drugs, antibioticspainkillersL-thyroxine hormone, and sleeping pills.

L-thyroxine is a thyroid hormone that is prescribed for hypothyroidism.

Grapefruit and increasing the chance of pregnancy

It is said that grapefruit has special substances that can increase the chances of fertility by acting on the cervical mucus.

Grapefruit During Breastfeeding

It is safe to consume grapefruit during breastfeeding, and it is better not to use it in cases where the child is bothered by the acidity of this fruit.

Grapefruit Seed Extract During Pregnancy

This extract has high amounts of vitamin C and depending on the manufacturer, it can contain antioxidants and bioflavonoids. Consuming one capsule of this extract during the day is enough to supply minerals and vitamins, but it is better to consult a doctor before using this capsule.

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Grapefruit is one of the popular citrus fruits among pregnant women. This fruit is rich in minerals and vitamins that can help the healthy growth of the fetus and the immune system of the fetus and mother, and pregnant mothers can use this fruit during pregnancy or breastfeeding. But it should be noted that due to the interaction of this fruit with liver enzymes, it can inhibit the absorption and metabolism of some drugs, which can be very dangerous. In general, if a mother is taking medication during pregnancy, she can replace grapefruit with orange juice.

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