Can You Eat Sweet Potato During Pregnancy? is it safe?

Sweet Potato During Pregnancy
Sweet Potato During Pregnancy

In general, among the diet of most people, potatoes are consumed in most meals and on most days of the week, and it is highly popular, which of course is not without reason and shows the high nutritional value of potatoes. In this article, we will talk about sweet potato, which is completely different from regular potato, and its properties, how to include it in the diet, and the disadvantages of using it excessively.

Sweet Potatoes at a Glance

Sweet potato is a food source rich in magnesium, calcium, fiber, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B, etc, which provides many of the needs of the body, especially in pregnant women, and is rich in beta-carotene, which helps to meet the needs of the body. The body, especially vitamin A, plays an important role. Although this type of potato is sweet, women can use it normally during pregnancy.

Risks of Eating sweet potato during pregnancy for a pregnant woman

The answer to this question is definitely no, but there are exceptions, and this exception is related to pregnant women who have or are suffering from chronic kidney diseases, which increases the incidence of kidney stones due to the presence of a large amount of oxalate, and for this category of women It is more dangerous.

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The Benefits of Eating Sweet Potatoes During Pregnancy

  1. Accelerating the formation of organs due to the presence of vitamin A: Every pregnant mother needs approximately 800 micrograms of vitamin A in one day, and she can consume sweet potatoes to meet this need. This vitamin is effective in the growth of the fetus and supports the best growth of the lungs, liver, heart, and kidneys.
  2. This type of potato makes digestion easier: sweet potato is rich in fiber, which solves the problem of constipation in pregnant women.
  3. Consuming sweet potatoes leads to the growth of brain and nerve cells: Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin B6, which is very effective in shaping the function of the brain and nervous system, blood formation, and prevention of nausea in pregnant women.
  4. In the diet of a pregnant mother, there must be food containing vitamin C, of ​​course, sweet potato is the best source.
  5. Keeps blood pressure stableSweet potatoes contain potassium, which is an essential element in the stability of the body’s electrolyte balance and regulates blood pressure.
  6. There are varieties of sweet potatoes that include orange, white, and purple sweet potatoes. The orange variety has beta-carotene, and purple anthocyanins, and the white variety has anthoxanthin, but none of these three types is superior to the other for consumption during pregnancy.

Harms of excessive Eat of sweet potatoes during pregnancy

  1. Increasing the risk of developing kidney stones: As mentioned above, sweet potatoes are rich in oxalate, and if this root vegetable is consumed in excess, its oxalate binds to the calcium element and creates a type of kidney stone.
  2. It causes pain in the stomach: There is a sugar called mannitol in sweet potatoes, which in case of high consumption of this sugar accumulates in the body, produces stomach gas, and causes diarrhea.
  3. Increases weight: The starch present in sweet potatoes affects weight equally, and obesity is definitely dangerous for pregnant women.
  4. Poisoning with vitamin A: This phenomenon occurs when a lot of sweet potatoes are consumed and the dose of vitamin A in the body increases, which can lead to congenital abnormalities of the fetus during pregnancy, as well as miscarriage.
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How to Add sweet potatoes to the diet during pregnancy

This food item can be used in different ways, for example, it can be sliced ​​and eaten in the form of chips with salt and vinegar, or eaten with vegetables and olives, it can even be added to a salad as a snack.


Certainly, the vulnerability of pregnant women is higher than normal people, so they must have a different diet. Sweet potatoes are also very nutritious and rich in minerals and vitamins, each of which is effective in part of the fetal growth cycle and the health of the mother. He forgot to observe moderation in consuming anything because even the best ones are dangerous if consumed too much.

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