Benefits of Eating Acerola During Pregnancy

acerola during pregnancy
acerola during pregnancy

Pregnant women can use acerola, this cherry-like fruit, during pregnancy without worry. Acerola can be effective in providing nutrients and vitamins needed during pregnancy, but it is very important to consume this fruit fresh. In the following, we will discuss the points about the consumption of this fruit.


Acerola is a fruit very similar to cherry that contains large amounts of vitamin C and flavonoids. Acerola does not remain for a long time, therefore it is difficult to prepare this fruit fresh, therefore, Acerola is available in the form of powder or juice in the market, and in this way, acerola can be included in the diet.

It is OK to Eating Acerola During Pregnancy?

Consuming acerola during pregnancy is safe, but the short shelf life of this fruit has made it difficult to obtain it fresh from countries such as Central and South America, India, Africa, and Australia, therefore consuming acerola in a processed form such as extract, juice or common food supplements that are safe during pregnancy.

In general, the issue of consuming fresh acerola is not discussed much, and the main issue is the expensiveness of extract and food supplements.

What are the benefits of eserola during pregnancy?

Rich in vitamin C

According to the recommendation of the German Nutrition Association, pregnant women need 95 mg of this vitamin up to the fourth month and 105 mg from the fourth month onwards. This fruit can even contain more vitamin C than oranges.

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Supporting metabolism

The plant pigments in eserola can help the body’s metabolism

Anti-inflammatory and pain relief

Folic Acid

Folic acid supports the growth of the child and the development of the neural tube of the fetus.

Risks of Acerola during Pregnancy

Regarding the harm that acerola can cause during pregnancy, no complete research has been done yet, and the recommendations of using other fruits to provide vitamins such as vitamin C have not been confirmed yet, but in general, if fresh acerola is used instead of There is no concern for pregnant women, but how healthy the products processed from eserola can be or what consequences it can have has not been fully evaluated yet, but in general, the lack or limited scientific studies show that it is taboo to consume a fruit or It is not a food item.

Important Points in Eating Acerola 

Since we still do not have complete studies on the consumption of acerola and studies in this field continue, one should observe moderation and caution in eating acerola and its products during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and other known sources of supply Vitamin C considered the body. However, if you consume this fruit, you should be fully aware of any possible side effects, because consuming too much of this fruit may cause nauseainsomniastomach cramps, and diarrhea.


Acerola is a fruit that is very difficult to prepare fresh because it has a short shelf life, therefore juice and processed products of this product are available in the market. Acerola is rich in vitamin C, which is very effective in the growth and development of the fetus and the health and vitality of the mother, but since additional studies are still being carried out on this fruit, it is recommended to consume this fruit and its products during pregnancy. Badrai should be limited and other fruits such as oranges should be substituted for this fruit to supply the needed vitamins.

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