is the Air Pressure on an Airplane Safe During Pregnancy ?


During air flight, there is usually a pressurization system in place for commercial aircraft. Normally the aircraft air pressure is a bit lower than the normal air pressure outside on the ground. As if you were in the mountains. If your doctor allows you to fly, and the airline approves it, then you are safe to fly while you’re pregnant.

Something to remember:

  • Stay away from flying in a small aircraft at 2,500 meters (8202 feet) or more. In the latter half of your pregnancy, this is much more important. The reduction of oxygen in those altitudes could negatively affect your baby. Shortness of breath and dizziness is not uncommon for regular people.
  • Medical conditions can be activated by the lack of oxygen like anemia and other types. If you are prone to blood clots, or placental insufficiency, do not fly in any aircraft without your doctor’s permission.
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