Basil ( Tulsi ) During Pregnancy

Basil During Pregnancy
Basil During Pregnancy

Basil is a plant in the mint group and has a pleasant aroma of spiciness and sweetness. Basil is used in soups and salads to decorate food, and it is also considered a main dish in some Asian countries and Italy. Basil can be a flavor Rib or seasoning is also used in foods such as pasta and rice. Basil is also a useful herbal medicine that has many benefits in pregnancy. In India, basil is used to treat colds and coughs.

Is it safe to consume basil during pregnancy?

Yes, in moderation, you can consume basil and other aromatic plants during pregnancy. This plant has many medicinal properties, but you should consider that basil should not be consumed in large amounts due to its high oil content. The uterus is stimulated during pregnancy, so you can use it as a seasoning on food and drinks in moderation.

Benefits of basil during pregnancy

benefits of basil

Detoxification of the body :

Due to the presence of many antioxidants, basil helps to cleanse the body of toxins and strengthens your immune system. Also, these antioxidants are transferred to the fetus through the navel and the fetus’s immune system is also strengthened, so the consumption of basil during pregnancy is very moderate. It is useful and can be one of the useful herbs in your diet.

Helping to grow bones:

The manganese present in basil causes bone growth in the fetus, the formation of strong bone structure as well as cartilage and prevents cell damage. Therefore, balanced consumption of basil during pregnancy is highly recommended.

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Strengthening the immune system: 

 Basil is rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins C, E, A, K, potassium, and phosphorus, which help in strengthening the immune system of the fetus and mother.

Treatment of anemia : 

 increasing the number of red blood cells and maintaining hemoglobin levels are among the benefits of basil. If you suffer from anemia during pregnancy, basil can be a good option to help pregnant mothers with anemia.

Helping organs grow :

Vitamin A present in basil helps the growth of fetal organs (guarantees the health of the cardiovascular and nervous system, heart, lungs, and eyes of the baby) and increases the percentage of healthy birth of the baby, so mothers can consume basil to have a healthy baby. do

Preventing fetal defects : 

 Folate in basil helps the baby and mother not to suffer from anemia and also prevents pregnancy defects in the fetus, so it is recommended to consume basil.

The main benefits of basil:

Eliminate free radicals :

Free radicals in the body, which are very harmful, are destroyed by the abundant provitamins A in basil leaves.

Prevention of malignant tumor formation :

Beta-carotene in basil slows down your aging and prevents the formation of malignant tumors.

Reducing the risk of heart disease :

Basil reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases due to the following benefits:

  • Strengthening blood vessels and improving their elasticity
  • Normalization of heart muscle activity
  • Preventing the formation of atherosclerotic plaques

Fight against infectious diseases:

By having compounds ( linolenic and oleic acids ) and antioxidants, basil helps fight against bacterial infections such as pyocyanin and staphylococci, and the leaf extract of this plant is suitable for treating herpes and viral diseases.

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Treatment of digestive diseases :

The use of basil and its extracts are used in the treatment of many digestive diseases, such as:

  • Reduces stomach cramps
  • Relief of intestinal inflammation
  • Reducing symptoms of heartburn
  • Relieving flatulence with basil leaves or decoction
  • Supports healthy intestinal microflora

joint pain taxing:

As you know, basil essential oil is used in the production of many medicines and painkillers.

The reason for using basil essential oil is the following:

  • Reduce joint pain
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Taxin, swelling, pain in the limbs

Disease prevention and treatment:

Basil contains vitamin C, so using basil is effective for treating the following problems:

  1. Prevention of colds
  2. Cough and sore throat relief
  3. Decreased body temperature
  4. Help improve blood circulation
  5. Reducing anxiety and improving mood during pregnancy
  6. stabilization of the nervous system
  7. improve sleep
  8. Eliminate spasms
  9. Reduce headache
  10. Antimicrobial properties (improving fungal and yeast infections)

It is better to use basil tea for treatment.

Treatment of ear infection:

To treat your ear inflammation, it is enough to heat some basil oil until it warms up a little, then pour it into your ear to reduce the pain.

The dangers of basil for pregnant women:

  1. Consuming too much basil during pregnancy causes a decrease in blood sugar. If you have low blood sugar during pregnancy, you should avoid consuming basil.
  2. The eugenol present in basil has harmful effects such as increased heart rate, headache, dizziness, and mouth burning, and its excessive consumption can even lead to coma, so it is better to consult your doctor before using it and use it in moderation.
  3. Do not consume basil leaves until 20 days before giving birth.
  4. Avoid taking basil when you are taking anti-coagulants because basil causes your blood to thin.
  5. Consuming basil seeds during pregnancy is prohibited because it leads to uterine contractions, increased blood flow and stimulation of menstruation, and finally abortion.
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It is safe to consume basil in moderation and it is better to consume it as a seasoning.

Precautions when consuming basil during pregnancy :

It is better to take the following measures while eating basil to keep yourself and your child safe:

  • Consume in moderation, it is recommended to use only 110 ml of this plant in boiled form 3 times a day.
  • Thoroughly wash basil before consumption to prevent possible diseases.
  • Consult your nutritionist before giving up basil.

Benefits of basil tea during pregnancy

Basil Tea during pregnancy

During pregnancy, one of the most useful foods that you can add to your diet is basil tea. Basil, having a spicy and sweet aroma, has a pleasant taste like cloves. You should try to use healthy foods and drinks during pregnancy, For this reason, one of the most useful drinks during pregnancy is basil tea:

How to prepare basil tea:

The way to prepare basil tea is the same as other teas. After boiling water, add some basil tea bags or if you don’t have a tea bag, put chopped basil in it to brew the tea. To make it tastier, you can also add Use other seasonings such as honey, lemon juice, etc.

Reasons for consuming basil tea during pregnancy:

  1. By consuming this tea, you will have a clean heart and lungs free from infection and it will help your cardiovascular health.
  2. Help relieve joint pain, inflammation, and bone weakness
  3. neutralizing free radicals in the body and strengthening the immune system
  4. Helping you relax and reduce stress levels with the help of serotonin
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