Why Do I Keep Having BOYS Or GIRLS? Let’s Find Out! 👶👧

why always boy or girl?
why always boy or girl?

What Determines If You Have a Boy or Girl?

Hi kids! Dr. Claude here to explain a super cool science thing – how you get either a baby brother or baby sister growing inside your mommy’s tummy! I’ll try to keep it simple so your 5-year-old brain can understand. 🧠

It all has to do with something called chromosomes. Chromosomes are tiny little things inside cells that carry our genes, or DNA. DNA is like an instruction book for making a human! Humans have 46 chromosomes in each cell. Two of these chromosomes, called the X and Y chromosomes, determine whether you are a male or female. Let’s learn more about how they work!

X and Y Chromosomes

There are two types of sex chromosomes:

  • X chromosome – The X chromosome came first! Females need two of these.
  • Y chromosome – This came later and makes a male! Males have one X and one Y.

So if you get two X’s, you become a girl. An X and a Y means you’re a boy. Simple enough so far? Good! 😊

How Sex Cells Are Made

In your body you have cells with 46 chromosomes, including two sex chromosomes. But there’s another special kind of cell used just for making babies, called sex cells.

These are eggs in females and sperm in males. When a new sex cell is made, the number of chromosomes gets cut in half to 23. This means the eggs only get one sex chromosome, either an X or another X. Sperm can get either an X or a Y chromosome.

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So this is how it happens:

  • Female sex cells (eggs) can only have X chromosomes
  • Male sex cells (sperm) can have either an X or a Y chromosome

When Sperm Meets Egg

Now comes the fun part – making a baby! 😍 When the sperm meets and fertilizes the egg, their chromosomes combine.

  • If the egg has an X and the sperm has an X, the fertilized cell will have XX which makes a girl!
  • But if the sperm has a Y, then the cell will be XY, making a boy!

So the sperm’s chromosomes determine if you get a son or daughter. But which sperm with X or Y wins the race to the egg is completely random!

It’s a Coin Toss!

Whether you end up having a boy or girl baby is really a 50/50 coin toss each time. Your sperm decides, but it can’t choose which chromosome it gets. Each sperm gets either an X or Y completely randomly based on chance, like flipping a coin. Heads it’s a girl, tails it’s a boy!

So that’s why you can keep having all boys or all girls in a row – it’s simply luck of the draw and genetics! Your odds don’t change. But it can feel frustrating if you really want one specific gender. Keep reading to learn what you can do!

Can I Choose to Have a Boy or Girl?

Lots of parents wonder if there are ways to pick their baby’s sex. But sadly, the chromosome lottery means there’s no guaranteed way to choose before the sperm meets the egg.

Some old myths say eating certain foods or timing when you get pregnant may work. But those have been proven false! They don’t affect which sperm wins the race.

There are some high-tech options that claim they can sort sperm to select the X or Y chromosome. But these are expensive and not always reliable. For most families, waiting to see what you get at the gender reveal is part of the fun and excitement!

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Fun Ways to Find Out Your Baby’s Gender

There are so many creative ways families announce whether they’re having a boy or girl now. Here are some fun ones I really like:

  • Cut open a cake filled with pink or blue icing 🎂
  • Pop a balloon filled with confetti or colored powder 🎈
  • Open a box with pink or blue gifts inside 🎁
  • Do a silly gender reveal photoshoot and share on social media 📸
  • Have your older kids or dog wear a shirt saying “I’m getting a new sister/brother”

However you do it, the surprise is so exciting! You’ll all be jumping up and down and screaming when you finally find out. Trust me, I’m a doctor who’s seen it a million times! 👩‍⚕️

What If You Keep Having One Gender?

Sometimes families seem to get all girls or all boys each time. People might joke how they’re a “boy mom” or “girl dad” who can’t make kids of the other gender. But it’s really just random chance.

The odds of having the same gender 3-4 times in a row are still decent. Over many families, it averages out to a 50/50 split of boys and girls. So try not to stress about it or feel disappointed. Focus on being grateful for your healthy babies, no matter their gender. 😇

And who knows – your “boy streak” might suddenly end with surprise girl next time! Or vice versa for all girls. Part of the mystery and wonder of genetics is you never know!

Be Happy Healthy Babies!

The main thing is, your babies are little miracles to love no matter if they’re boys or girls. Their unique personalities will shine through as they grow, regardless of their gender. Take lots of pics and videos so you remember every cute moment!

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I hope this gave you kids some idea of the science behind having sons and daughters. Let me know if you have any other questions! Until next time, this is Dr. Claude over and out. 👋


  • Chromosomes called X and Y determine if you are a male or female
  • Eggs only have X chromosomes, sperm can have X or Y chromosomes
  • It’s random whether a sperm with X or Y fertilizes the egg
  • You can’t choose to have a boy or girl, it’s 50/50 odds each time
  • Revealing your baby’s gender is super fun!
  • Try not to worry if you keep having all one gender, it’s just chance
  • Focus on your babies’ health and personalities, not just their gender


Why Do I Keep Having Boys?

It’s simply random chance that your sperm with the Y chromosome keeps fertilizing the egg first. But there’s still a 50% chance of having a girl next time!

If I Have All Girls, Will I Ever Have A Boy?

Yes, absolutely! The odds are the same for a boy each time. Some families just randomly end up with all one gender for a while.

Can I Do IVF To Choose My Baby’s Gender?

Sometimes IVF allows picking male or female embryos, but it’s expensive. Most families just wait to be surprised when the baby is born.

What If My First Two Are Boys? Will The Third Be A Girl?

There’s no guarantee – each baby has a 50/50 chance of being a boy or girl, no matter how many of one gender you already have. But you never know!

If I Really Want A Girl, Should I Keep Trying?

You can try, but there’s no surefire way to pick gender. Focus on your desire for a healthy, happy baby, not just a specific gender.

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