Can You Eat Brownies During Pregnancy? Benefits & Effects

brownie during pregnancy
brownie during pregnancy

Brownie is one of the sweet and delicious foods that have many fans that can be eaten after a meal, but in the following, we will discuss whether brownie consumption is allowed during pregnancy or not, and what are the benefits and harms of brownie.

Brownie at a glance

  • Whole-cooked brownie is safe for consumption during pregnancy
  • Avoid eating raw and undercooked brownies
  • Eggs and milk should be pasteurized.
  • Homemade brownies, commercial brownies, chocolate brownies, and semi-baked brownies are popular brownies.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Brownies?

Pregnant women can use whole-baked brownies made from pasteurized ingredients.

Homemade brownies made from eggs and pasteurized milk are completely safe. Pasteurizing eggs and milk at a very high temperature makes any harmful pathogen disappear and does not harm the mother and the child but the use of unpasteurized eggs or milk can cause the transmission of listeria and harm the growing child or cause harm such as premature birth or miscarriage.

The consumption of commercial brownies is completely safe because they are prepared from pasteurized ingredients, but unlike commercial brownies, half-baked brownies have many risks because raw eggs can contain harmful pathogens and organisms. Even if a pregnant woman decides to eat half-baked brownies, she must make sure that the eggs used in the brownies are pasteurized.

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Fiber One Brownies is a commercial product that contains pasteurized milk and eggs and is safe to eat during pregnancy. These brownies also contain inulin and chicory root, which makes the brownie rich in fiber. Consuming inulin and chicory is safe for pregnant women, but it should be taken in moderation. The fiber in this brownie can help with digestive problems that are very common in pregnant women and reduce constipation and protect bowel movements. Also, fibers are rich in vitamins. There are also minerals that can be useful for pregnant women.

Chocolate brownies contain a lot of caffeine, and pregnant women should not consume more than 200 mg of caffeine per day because caffeine can cause congenital problems in the child, premature birth, or weight loss.

Benefits of Eating brownies during pregnancy

Stress reduction

Chocolate can reduce stress and if dark chocolate is used, this effect will be greater.

Helps in blood circulation

Chocolate improves blood circulation and reduces the chance of varicose veins which are common during pregnancy.

Reducing the possibility of miscarriage

Eating chocolate helps to have healthy and intelligent babies, and according to the research conducted, chocolate causes the possibility of miscarriage in those who consume chocolate during pregnancy to be much less than in those who do not consume chocolate.

Fresh skin

The antioxidants in chocolate make the skin healthier and brighter and help women who are worried about their skin during pregnancy.

Reduce inflammation

The flavonoids in chocolate reduce inflammation in the whole body, so women should consume chocolate to prevent the risks of pre-eclampsia or nausea and digestive discomfort so that the anti-inflammatory effects of chocolate will help them.

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Risks of Eating Brownies During Pregnancy

In general, eating 30 grams or less than 30 grams of chocolate per day is safe for pregnant women, but some women should not consume chocolate during pregnancy. In general, women should have a healthy and varied diet, of which chocolate can be a part of the diet, but Buddy noted that too much sugar can cause gestational diabetes, which will be a problem for the mother and the baby. Gestational diabetes can increase the risk of high blood pressure, and on the other hand, high blood pressure increases the risk of c-sections in pregnant women.

Necessary Precautions For Eating Brownies

It is recommended to use cooked eggs to reduce the risks of salmonella and listeria, and if the egg used is not cooked, be sure to pay attention to its freshness, storage conditions, and date.

It should be noted that the brownie dough contains raw eggs and should not be consumed during the dry season, and brownie dough or pastry dough containing eggs and pasteurized milk should be prepared.


Brownie is one of the foods that can be consumed in the craving for sweets during pregnancy. Brownies are full of useful and nutritious substances that help the health of pregnant women and their children, but care must be taken to prepare brownies from pasteurized materials so that they do not contain harmful pathogens and do not cause danger during pregnancy. Also, due to its high sugar content, it is better to consume brownies in moderation and avoid eating too much.

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