Can You Eat Raspberry During Pregnancy?

Raspberry During Pregnancy
Raspberry During Pregnancy

Raspberry is a juicy and sweet fruit that is available in several colors and is rich in nutrients. Raspberries are used in desserts, jams, teas, and cakes, but we will tell whether pregnant women can eat raspberries during pregnancy or not.

Raspberry at a Glance

  • It is a sweet and juicy fruit.
  • It is rich in nutrients such as iron and vitamin C.
  • Raspberries must be washed before eating.
  • Frozen raspberries should be boiled before consumption.
  • Raspberry leaf tea should not be consumed during pregnancy.

Is it Safe to Eat Raspberry During Pregnancy?

It is very important for women to have a varied and healthy diet during pregnancy. Including fruits and vegetables in the diet during pregnancy can meet many nutritional needs and help to have a healthy child. Pregnant women can eat raspberries as a healthy snack during pregnancy because raspberries can be a good source of vitamins B and for pregnant women and strengthen the immune system.

Pregnant women can use a variety of fresh, dry, or frozen fruits during pregnancy, and since raspberries are a seasonal fruit, they can use frozen raspberries in seasons when raspberries are not available in the market, but they must be careful. have to choose packages that are completely frozen and kept away from meat and fish in the refrigerator. But in general, it is better to boil raspberries before using frozen raspberries so that if the raspberries are infected with hepatitis virus or norovirus, they will be free from the virus.

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Benefits of Raspberries During Pregnancy

Regulation of Uterine Contractions

This fruit facilitates childbirth by regulating and controlling uterine contractions, and red raspberry leaves can help treat muscle cramps, nausea, pain, dizziness, and fatigue.

Prevention of Birth Defects

Folate in raspberries prevents birth defects. Folate in fruits such as berries can protect the child from neural tube defects, cardiovascular defects, and organ and urinary tract abnormalities. Raspberries can also reduce the risk of preeclampsia in pregnant mothers.

Help the Digestive System

Raspberries can help digest food and are effective in weight control during pregnancy.

Help the immune system

Antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals in raspberries strengthen the body’s immune system and prevent the mother and fetus from contracting infections and diseases to a large extent.

Protection Against Cancers

Antioxidants and ellagic acid present in raspberries prevent the risk of various cancers.

Help Treat Anemia

The iron in raspberries helps to treat anemia and make hemoglobin and is effective in improving dizziness during pregnancy.

Fighting Infections

The antioxidant benefits of raspberry flavonoids make the body immune to infections, and bacterial and fungal growth. Also, women who use raspberries have a lower chance of getting a vaginal infection. Also, the antioxidant properties in raspberries can be effective in treating acne.

Help to Treat Respiratory Problems

Raspberries can help treat sore throats, flu, and colds.

Risks of Eating Raspberries During Pregnancy

  1. In general, raspberries are not dangerous for pregnant women, but to prevent toxoplasmosis or listeria, raspberries must be washed well before consumption.
  2. Raspberries are a soft fruit that has a high chance of becoming moldy and rotten, so you should seriously avoid eating moldy raspberries.
  3. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that it is still not fully known whether raspberries cause premature labor or not, but it is recommended to avoid consuming raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy before the 37th week of pregnancy because the tea Raspberry leaves can cause premature birth, while from the 37th week onwards, many midwives recommend using raspberry leaf tea to soften the cervix and strengthen labor.
  4. Also, eating raspberry juice causes the fibers in the raspberry to be destroyed in the process of juicing and transfers more sugar, which may eventually become a problem for mothers with gestational diabetes.
  5. In general, no detailed study has been done on the effects of raspberry ketones on humans, but a study in Iraq shows that ketones may improve fasting blood glucose levels, but it is better to avoid eating raspberry ketones. because no comprehensive research has been done on this matter yet.
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Diet during pregnancy is one of the important things that must be checked carefully because it can be harmful to the mother and the child. Raspberries are one of the fruits that can be easily consumed during pregnancy, but it should be made sure that the fruit is fresh and must be washed completely before eating, and if frozen raspberries are used, it is better to boil them for at least two minutes before consumption to prevent pathogens. The possibilities in it will disappear.

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