Lays Chips During Pregnancy & Possible Side Effects

chips during pregnancy
chips during pregnancy

In many cases, people are not interested in eating food or food in a normal state, but during pregnancy, they strongly desire to eat it in large quantities. Chips are a very tempting food that has many fans. In the following, you will read interesting articles related to the ingredients of chips and the harm of consuming them during pregnancy.

Chips at a glance

Chips are a popular food of different age groups, and eating them, in general, has some disadvantages, but these disadvantages are double for pregnant women and may have adverse and irreparable effects on the health of the mother and the fetus. In any case, if a person wants to eat it, one of the ways to know about possible harm is to read the label on the package that contains the ingredients, especially the amount of salt and vinegar in it.

Chips are very dangerous to health because they contain a high amount of fat, salt, and carbohydrate. These ingredients can cause serious complications such as heartburn, obesity, and diabetes.

Ingredients of chips🍟

1. Vinegar:

Vinegar or a combination of acetic acid and sodium acetate is added to other ingredients of chips to give a vinegar or sour taste. Citric, malic, and lactic acids are also used for the same purpose. These compounds cause heartburn due to their acidic properties.

2. Salt:

Common salt, sea salt, or sodium acetate are added to the ingredients of the chips to give them a salty taste, and the sodium level in most chips is very high.

 3. High carbohydrate content:

Chips are made up of high-carbohydrate foods such as wheat flour, sugar, starch, etc., which leads to an increase in blood sugar levels after eating them. This may lead to diabetes in some cases if taken frequently in large amounts over time.

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 4. Protein content:

The protein content present in chips is low but not negligible so they cannot be considered an unhealthy food item

5. Fat

The chips contain a high amount of fat, which makes them unhealthy and can lead to weight gain.

6. Sodium:

Chips are high in sodium, which can increase blood pressure if consumed in large amounts.

Are chips allowed during pregnancy?🧐

The answer to this question is generally no. In the first months of pregnancy, you should avoid eating chips, but if you do, you should eat very small amounts to minimize the possibility of harming the mother and fetus. Homemade chips that are made from raw materials and in reliable conditions are far more harmless than other types of chips.

Side Effects of eating chips during pregnancy😥

side effects of chips during pregnancy

1. Being free of nutrients

Chips that are produced industrially and in factories, due to the high volume of production, are all prepared in high-heat oil that has been used many times, and even if they contain nutrients, these useful substances will be lost and low-quality substances will remain.

2. Negative effects on the heart

If eating chips produced in vegetable oil goes out of moderation, the level of fat in the body will increase and it will bring risks for the heart and also increase weight.

3. Disturbance in the genetic material

In some chips, there is a carcinogenic substance that causes negative changes in the structure of the genetic material.

4. Increase in blood pressure

Usually, during pregnancy, the blood pressure goes out of normal and rises, which is dangerous for the mother and the fetus. Consuming too much salt worsens these conditions and a person may suffer from pre-eclampsia.

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5. Heartburn and stomach problems

Excessive consumption of chips causes disturbances in the functioning of the stomach, which will cause the formation of gas in it and heartburn.

6. Accumulation of fat and excess weight in the body

Some organs of the pregnant woman’s body are more active for the development of the fetus during pregnancy, and with the increase in the amount of fat in the body, pressure is applied to these organs and they are damaged.

7. Change in normal body conditions

In the production of various types of chips, flavoring materials, preservatives, abundant salt, and some other materials are used, which disrupt the normal amount of water and minerals in the body. If a person has swelling in the leg area, the situation is worse and puts people at risk of developing high blood pressure.

8. Poor fetal growth

If a pregnant woman eats chips regularly, it can lead to the formation of fetal abnormalities or even miscarriage.

9. Increase in blood pressure

If you eat too much salt, then there will be an increase in blood pressure, and the risk of heart disease increases.

10. Increase in the risk of kidney stones

If a person consumes an excessive amount of salt on a regular basis, then it may lead to the formation of kidney stones in him or her.

11. Decrease in immunity

Excessive consumption of chips can also cause problems with your immune system because they contain harmful preservatives and chemicals that destroy the functioning of your body cells.

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12. High level of linoleic acid

Chips and oil contain linoleic acid, which in excess will cause inflammation and heart disease. Usually, by consuming foods rich in linoleic acid, a person tends to consume more fat, sugar, and salt, and the accumulation of these substances in the body is very dangerous, especially for pregnant women. Increasing the level of linoleic acid increases liver proteins and causes uterine contractions.

The amount of high-quality potatoes in chips is not high, and starch and other additives are combined with its ingredients, which are harmful to the fetus and its development. It also results in severe weight gain for the mother.

Possible Side effects for Fetus👶

Chips are a processed food that contains the carcinogenic compound acrylamide. This combination, with a negative effect on the genetic material, leads to abnormal weight and head size of the child, congenital defects, and impaired growth of the child.


Chips are very tempting, but pregnant mothers should know that they should be cautious about their daily diet and avoid eating any substance that endangers the health of the mother and the child, although consuming a small number of chips will not harm the mother and the fetus. But moderation should be taken into account when consuming anything.

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