Eating Nutella During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

Nutella During Pregnancy
Nutella During Pregnancy

Some women have sweet cravings during pregnancy, so Nutella can be one of the most popular forms available for these women. But since pregnant women must have a proper diet during pregnancy, in this article we want to pay attention to whether I can consume Nutella during pregnancy, and discuss the benefits and harms of consuming Nutella during pregnancy.


Nutella is a type of chocolate cream that has many fans. It should be noted that Nutella should be stored in a cool and dry place. For fresh consumption of Nutella, it is better to use small packages. If by chance a woman notices that the date of Nutella has expired, she does not need to take any special measures, but to be sure, she can go to the doctor and do an antibody test for the Listeriosis pathogen.

Depending on the country of production, Nutella can be composed of ingredients, but in general, Nutella contains sugar, caffeine, oil, palm oil, hazelnut, cocoa and vanillin, which can vary according to the company, but in general, all Nutellas are full of sugar and oil.

Can You Eat Nutella During Pregnancy?

Nutella, like other products, contains sugar, so that 100 grams of chocolate cream contains 54 grams of sugar, so it should be eaten in moderation. But in general, eating Nutella during pregnancy is not prohibited, and pregnant women can easily consume this chocolate. Pregnant women can consume Nutella healthy and free from germs and any type of organism. They can buy Nutella in a jar and use clean cutlery to eat Nutella. It should also be noted that soy lecithin in Nutella is safe for pregnant women.

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In the past, people believed that if a pregnant woman has sweet cravings, it means that she lacks vitamins or minerals; But currently, there is no scientific research that confirms this issue and there is no clear connection between sweet cravings and vitamin deficiency, and eating sweets during pregnancy is completely normal.

The World Health Organization has recommended that pregnant women should not consume more than 300 mg of caffeine per day, which is even less recommended in some countries. For example, in England, pregnant women are advised to consume less than 200 mg of caffeine per day. grams (about 2 cups of coffee or two and a half cups of tea) per day should be limited because during pregnancy caffeine needs more time to be removed from the blood.

On average, Nutella can contain 2 to 3 mg of caffeine. This amount is so small that it is not dangerous during pregnancy, but pregnant women should pay attention if they use other sources of caffeine during the day, they should be careful in consuming Nutella.

Benefits of Nutella During Pregnancy

A two-tablespoon serving of Nutella contains 200 calories, 20 grams of sugar, 2 grams of protein and 10 grams of saturated fat, and since the consumption of anything is important during pregnancy, nutritional considerations must be followed well during this period. Nutella should be consumed in moderation during pregnancy.

  • Natural folate: Nutella contains 5 micrograms of folate in each serving of 2 tablespoons, which is really not enough for pregnancy and should not be consumed just because of the folate content.
  • Vitamin
  • Minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese
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It should be noted that eating Nutella to get these minerals and vitamins should not replace the main sources of these substances. For example, you can use milk or hazelnuts to get calcium or iron.

The Risk of Nutella During Pregnancy

  1. High Calorie: High calories and fat for pregnant women can cause weight gain, which can be harmful for the mother and fetus.
  2. Gestational Diabetes: If a pregnant woman consumes a large amount of creamy chocolate, it can lead to gestational diabetes, even if the mother did not have diabetes before pregnancy. The sugar in it can cause an increase in blood sugar that may require medication, gestational diabetes can have many risks for the mother and the fetus.
  3. Listeriosis: If Nutella is contaminated with listeriosis, it can cause premature uterine contractions that lead to premature birth or stillbirth. Listeria can enter the infant’s meninges and cause meningitis.
  4. Toxoplasmosis


Nutella is a popular chocolate cream that can be used in many sweet cravings of pregnant women. Using Nutella in a small package free of any microorganisms can be suitable during pregnancy. In principle, there is no problem in consuming Nutella during pregnancy, but since Nutella is high in sugar, it should be consumed in moderation to prevent gestational diabetes.

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