+200 Aramaic Biblical Girl Names (With Meaning)

aramaic biblical girl names
aramaic biblical girl names

Welcome to our comprehensive list of 200 Aramaic girl names! Aramaic, an ancient Semitic language, holds a rich cultural and historical significance. The names in this compilation embody the beauty, tradition, and mystique of the Aramaic-speaking regions. Each name carries a distinct meaning and captures the essence of this fascinating language. Whether you are seeking a name for your child or simply exploring the beauty of Aramaic heritage, this collection will surely inspire and captivate you. So, let us embark on a journey through time and explore these 200 enchanting Aramaic girl names that have stood the test of centuries.

AbigailFather’s joyA wise and beautiful woman mentioned in the Bible.
AdaOrnamentA name symbolizing beauty and grace.
AdinaDelicateA gentle and kind-hearted woman.
AdnahPleasureA name representing happiness and joy.
AhinoamBrother of graceA name denoting grace and favor from God.
AksahAnkletA name associated with a woman of great strength.
AlmahYoung womanA name for a youthful and vibrant girl.
AthaliahGod is exaltedA name expressing the greatness of God.
AzubahForsakenA name representing God’s faithfulness and redemption.
BasemathFragranceA name symbolizing a sweet and pleasant aroma.
BathshebaDaughter of an oathA woman known for her beauty and faith.
BilhahBashfulA name for a modest and shy girl.
CozbiFalsehoodA name denoting integrity and truthfulness.
DeborahBeeA name representing diligence and productivity.
DinahJudgedA name for a girl who brings justice and righteousness.
EdenDelightA name symbolizing happiness and contentment.
ElishebaGod is my oathA name expressing devotion and loyalty to God.
EstherStarA name associated with beauty and brilliance.
HadassahMyrtleA name for a girl who brings peace and healing.
HagarFlightA name symbolizing freedom and strength.
HannahGraceA name representing God’s favor and blessing.
HazzelelponiShade of GodA name denoting protection and shelter.
HephzibahMy delight is in herA name expressing joy and satisfaction.
HuldahWeaselA wise woman known for her prophetic abilities.
JaelMountain goatA name symbolizing boldness and courage.
JedidahBelovedA name for a girl who is deeply loved and cherished.
JerushaPossessedA name representing possession and inheritance.
JoannaGod is graciousA name expressing God’s generosity and kindness.
JudithWoman of JudeaA name symbolizing strength and victory.
KeturahIncenseA name associated with fragrant offerings to God.
LeahWearyA name for a girl who brings comfort and rest.
LoisBetterA name representing excellence and improvement.
LydiaFrom LydiaA name for a girl who brings wealth and prosperity.
MagdaleneFrom MagdalaA name associated with redemption and forgiveness.
MarthaLadyA name symbolizing dignity and honor.
MaryBitterA name representing a woman of strength and resilience.
MichalWho is like God?A name expressing the greatness and power of God.
MiriamSea of bitternessA name for a girl who brings healing and refreshment.
NaomiPleasantA name denoting sweetness and joy.
PhoebeBrightA name associated with radiance and light.
RachelEweA name symbolizing tenderness and compassion.
RebekahCaptivatingA name for a girl who is charming and attractive.
RuthCompanionA name representing loyalty and devotion.
SarahPrincessA name expressing nobility and royalty.
ShiphrahBeautifulA name for a girl who is lovely and attractive.
TabithaGazelleA name symbolizing grace and agility.
TirzahPleasantnessA name denoting beauty and charm.
VashtiBeautifulA name associated with elegance and beauty.
ZipporahBirdA name representing freedom and grace.
ZilpahDroopingA name for a girl who brings comfort and solace.
ZipporahBirdA name representing freedom and grace.
ZilpahDroopingA name for a girl who brings comfort and solace.
ZoharRadiantA name symbolizing brightness and splendor.
ZurielGod is my rockA name expressing trust and security in God.
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